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Tuning specialists for Power or economy

VIEZU approved dealer.

Blueoptimize economy tuning.

Typical results between 8% and 22%. We are the best in the business with a proven track record.

Mobile within 50 miles of DE7 we cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and South Yorkshire.

  • Ford Kuga remapped Viezu AW Engine Tuning
  • Ford Kuga economy remap Derby Ilkeston
  • Audi A4 Giltbrook Nottingham Power remap
  • Ford Focus 3 1.6TDCI remapped 114BHP 270NM remapped to 139BHP 330NM
  • Citroen C4 full power Kennel club Nottingham
  • Vauxhall Vivaro for Torque Derby
  • VW TDI Passat Power map Donnington Derbys
  • Ford Focu Mk 6 1.0 litre remap Eastwood Nottingham
  • BTCC Donnington
  • Audi A7 remapped Tuned 200NM 65BHP Nuthall Nottingham
  • Volvo D4 caravan remap Eye test vet

We specialise in performance ECU tuning/remapping adding additional safe power to your vehicle at the same time reducing fuel consumption. 

AW Engine Tuning remaps adjust the fuel, boost and torque characteristics of the engine. By controlling the fuel pressure, injected fuel quantity, maximum permissible visible smoke limit, boost pressure from the turbocharger and the torque characteristic. Our remaps offer a fully controllable change to the engine characteristics, whilst still operating with full engine feedback control and within the pre-set engine sensor limits all done within the manufacturers set limits to keep your reliability.



Great for the environment as well as your pocket, eco tuning will change your engine settings which will make the emissions lower protecting your DPF which will help it at MOT time. Very effective for fleet vehicles, you will typically get a 10%-20% increase in efficiency with an eco tune, saving you money and the environment.

Performance Tuning:

Give your car a new feeling with our performance tune. It will increase the engine power making overtaking a lot more fun and safer. This will make your car better than new, driven enthusiastically will likely increase your fuel consumption. Although driven normally you will have much more oomph and likely better economy also.

Blend of Economy and Performance:

A blend of the 2 will give you both extra performance and economy, you can have the best of both worlds.

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Full Performance

You can chose to have the best of both worlds

Dedicated economy map

Save up to 20% on your fuel bill

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You decide what best suits your needs!

AW Engine Tuning

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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